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Looking for Big Dogs? . . .   we raise . . . large,  oversize, old fashioned,

   family friendly,  straight back,  A.K.C. registered  German Shepherds

Sparta, Tennessee         
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 We test our parent dogs with OFA and they are tested for DM.

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Mommy Dogs


Born June 29, 2009

mom: Rosehall EJ's Poloos Karpos

dad: Royalair's   Duke of Rosehall

Tacie has OFA hips and is DM clear

1st litter with Alamar January 2012

2nd litter with Alamar  August 2012



Long coat White;  Born May 23, 2010

mom: Royalair's Bethy

dad: Royalair's Bodacious Bo

Marti has been tested for hips and elbows:

OFA good hips; OFA normal elbows

 litter with Huey Sept 2011

litter  with Duke August 2012





White standard coat; Born December 29 2009

mom:  Black Magic's Rhoo FPD of Rosehall

dad: Stinsen's Second Wind

Lacey has been tested  for hips, elbows and DM:

OFA good hips, OFA normal elbows, DM clear

Lacey's 1st litter is expected in January 2013






Born November 24, 2007

mom: Royalair's    Hadassah Esther

dad: Rosehall Parah's Zeus

Candy has been

tested  for hips, elbows and DM:

OFA good hips, OFA normal elbows, DM clear

litters with Alamar  January & August  2011

Candy's most recent litter with Alamar was born in January 2013



Black & Silver tan standard coat; Born April 13, 2009

mom: Black Magic's Rhoo FPD of Rosehall

dad:  Royalair's    Duke of Rosehall

tested  for hips, elbows:

OFA hips, OFA normal elbows

Sophie's first litter was with Huey in August 2011

Sophie's most recent litter with Huey was January 2013



Black & Cream standard coat,    Born June 15, 2011




Daddy Dogs


Born December 2009

mom: Black Magic's Rhoo FPD of Rosehall

dad: Stinson's Second Wind

Alamar has OFA good hips

litters  with Candace January and August 2011

Tacie litter August 2012

next litter expected with Nossie January 2013


Black & Silver colored, born Feb. 2, 2007

mom: Selah's Shadow

dad: Royalair's    Silver Mark


Most recent litters are with Essie, Polly & Marti . . .  all  in August 2012





Dark patterned Black & Tan;  Born Sept. 16, 2010

mom: Royalair's    Hadassah Esther

dad: Royalair's    Duke of Rosehall

Moses has had his hips tested and given an

OFA preliminary Good hips.

Moses' 1st litter was with Shemmie in April 2012




Classic Black & Tan (with reds); Born January 30, 2010

mom: Royalair's   Parah Karat

dad: AHGSD Reyah of Rosehall

Huey has been tested for hips, elbows & DM:

OFA Good hips, OFA normal elbows, DM clear

litters  August 2011 with Sophie and Marty; with Leucy in

 Feb 2012 and with Heidi in April 2012



Whelped August 2, 2011

mom: Rosehall Rhoo's Sophia

dad: Rosehall Parah's Eschatos Huios





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