Our Current Litters:

Large,  Oversize,  old fashioned, straight back, calm tempered,

F A M I L Y    F R I E N D L Y,

A.K.C. German Shepherds.

Sparta, Tennessee

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We test our parent dogs with OFA and they are tested for DM.

2 Litters shown below: 

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Marti                                  Bullet

Marti is 28 1/2" tall and about 110 pounds and has a medium/low drive. Bullet is 29" tall and 100 pounds with a medium/low drive.  This is Bullet's first litter. A previous Marti litter with Bullet's father produced very large white and Black & Silver pups with lower to medium drive. They are affectionate  and very intelligent and we expect the same from this litter with Bullet. Bullet has an exceptionally nice conformation. This paired with Marti's extra large bone structure should give very handsome pups. These pups should be very teachable and devoted to their people families.

Bullet and Marti are living together as family companion dogs and are best doggie friends. Marti will come to Rosehall to have her pups.

Litter born February 15,  2014

Yellow Duck male SOLD to            Bob & Ruthie     TN

Cowboy Duck male SOLD to          Diane                   AZ          

1st pick female reserved for             Breeder

2nd pick female SOLD to                 Rick B.                 TX

3rd pick female available

Puppies 1 day old.

pictures below taken at 6 weeks old:


Cowboy Duck Boy SOLD to Diane


Yellow Duck Boy SOLD to Bob & Ruthie


Blue Duck Girl SOLD to Rick B.


Cowgirl Duck Girl


Yellow Duck Girl


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Miri                       Seeker

Litter born February 23,  2014

1st pick male reserved for                  Mike G.                               MO

2nd pick male  available                                         

Blue Duck female reserved for          Bridget P.                           Ontario

Cowgirl Duck female reserved for   Keith S.                                TN

Yellow Duck female reserved for      Sandy                                   KY

4th pick female available

5th pick female available

6th pick female available

litter on their 3rd day (above)

pictures below taken at 6 weeks old:


Blue duck boy


Yellow duck boy


                Blue duck girl reserved for Bridget


Blue duck w/ red girl


Cowgirl duck girl reserved for Keith


Green duck girl


Yellow duck girl reserved for Sandy


Yellow duck w/ red girl

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email: rosehallshepherds@gmail.com

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